Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan "Cancer" Deluxe Limited Edition

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Daniel Ryan's THE ZODIACS

Fine art Limited Edition of 95 on metallic canvas. Frame included.

Signed by the artist.

Image measures 20 x 15 inches. 


Those born under the sign of cancer are known to be deeply sentimental in regards to family and home. Their intuitive nature makes them very empathetic to those they hold close. They tend to follow their emotions above all else. When they are guided by the moon sign, the lunar cycles only deepen their emotional patterns.

As a water sign, Cancer often values their heart over their mind. They are often guided by intuition that is influenced by emotion. 

The myth of Cancer appears in the story of Hercules battle with Hydra of Lerna. The Crab was sent down by Hera to help kill Hercules but was, instead, killed in the process. Hera honard the crab with a place among the stars