Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan "Libra" Open Edition Print

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Daniel Ryan's THE ZODIACS

Fine art print on metallic paper. Frame included.

Signed by the artist.

Image measures 12 x 9 inches. 


Those Individuals born under the Libra sign are known to be peaceful and fair. They value fairness and justice as an avenue to peace. Libras are born diplomats who crave interactions with others but often shy away from conflict.

The Libra falls under the air sign. This sign gives libras a strong intellect that they are inclined to use in social situations. These qualities are best represented by the ape. The ape intellect allows it to form strong social structures. 

The myth of Libra has a strong connection with the myth of Virgo. In this myth, Astraea the daughter of the goddess of justice Themis is considered the goddess of earth. Astraea goes to heaven and becomes the constellation Vergo. She brings with her her mothers scales of justice. Those scales become the constellation Libra.