Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan "Scorpio" ORIGINAL PAINTING

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Daniel Ryan's THE ZODIACS

Original on wood. Frame included.

Signed by the artist.

Image measures 24 x 18 inches. 


Those born under the sign of Scorpio are known to be passionate and assertive. They often act bravely in their pursuit of truth and will stop at no means to find it.

Like its fellow water signs, Scorpio finds strength from the emotional and psychic realms. Scorpios are often known for their need to express their emotions and do so with intensity.

In the greek myth of Orion, Scorpio is made from the earth goddess Gaia at the request of Apollo. Orion, who brags of hunting and killing every animal on earth, is disliked for his brash confidence. Scorpio goes on to kill Orion with a deadly sting. 

In the painting the scorpion holds earth up to the heavens and to the sun god Apollo. To the right of Earth there sits Mars, the “take action” planet. Those who hold scorpio as a sign are often ruled by the warrior-like energy of Mars. Scorpios will  take swift calculated action to help others but often find it hard to relinquish control. Especially when that action is motivated by empathy.